Is it time to select a new toilet for your home?

When it comes to buying a new toilet for your home, there are many things that should be considered, and many people fail to consider all those factors and as a result they often take wrong decision regarding the purchase of new toilet. It is very important to make sure that the product you are buying from is consistent with other supplies at your home, especially the washroom in which it would be installed. If you have a traditional theme in your house, you might not be interested in installing a modern toilet in your washroom as this would definitely look quite odd. Similarly, if you have all the modern things in your home and have all the modern and well-equipped stuff installed in your washroom, you might not want to go for a traditional look with the toilet! This is the right thing to do and the best part is that there are many options available with both the traditional and modern toilet seats.

Toilets shown in showrooms:

If you are considering making a new purchase, chances are that you might have visited a showroom for toilets in the near past. If yes, then you would definitely have seen a number of options present these days. These days, it is not that simple to make a purchase for your toilet as there are many options available even in the same brand. Previously, people used to buy standard commodes for their homes and all the other variations were considered to be an option by rich class only but now with the increase in the popularity of other types toilets in the market, it has become necessary to understand about all the different options when a purchase decision is to be made because only then you would be able to make an informed decision in this regard.

In showrooms, we see a large variety of toilets including close coupled toilets, wall hung toilets, one-piece toilets, two-piece toilets, corner toilets and much more. A lay person might not be able to distinguish among these unless he has read about them properly. In this article, we would briefly discuss these different types of toilets which are available in current market and would put light on the toilets that would suit best for you depending on the size and other factors in your house, especially in your washroom. Different types of toilets that you can buy from are mentioned here under.

Types of toilets available:

Following different types of toilets are available in the market:

  • Close coupled toilets
  • Wall hung toilets
  • Up-flush toilet
  • Corner toilet
  • Square toilet
  • Small and compact toilet
  • Elongated toilet
  • Round bowl toilet
  • Tankless toilet
  • Pressure assisted toilet
  • Gravity flush toilet
  • Portable toilet

When you look at too many available types of the toilets, it is normal for an ordinary person to get overwhelmed. Not every person has a detailed insight about the above-mentioned types of the toilets, and this is why they make wrong decision when they have to select the right type of the toilet. In following paragraphs, a brief description about all the above-mentioned toilets is provided, to assist you with a better decision for the purchase of your next toilet.

Close coupled toilets are the most standardized and ordinary option which you can see at, these toilets have been used for many years now and when you do not want to get any extra features and want to rely on the basic functionality of a toilet, this toilet is considered to be the best option. One-piece toilet is the option where tank is attached to the bowl without any nuts and bolts. It is manufactured as a single unit and the best part of installing this type of toilet is that you can easily clean the washroom area without putting much effort. On the other hand, a two piece toilet is two unit product which might require more effort in cleaning as there are nuts attached but the upside of installing a two-piece toilet would be that you can easily repair and replace the broken part without any need to change the whole unit.

Corner toilets are used to be installed in places where there are space constraints and you need to adjust a lot of things in the same washroom. In such a situation, it is a great idea to place the commode purchased from at a corner without sacrificing a full wall for the toilet seat.

When picking from the elongated and round bowl toilets, care should be taken because elongated toilet seats are not suitable for use by kids and children. These are also not very comfortable for elderly people. These are best for tall people however if you are small in height, you should prefer round bowl toilets.

Similarly, there is a difference of flushing mechanism and on this basis different types of toilets are also available. This divides the toilets in two broader categories, namely pressure assisted toilets and gravity toilets. In gravity toilets, which are more commonly used pressure is created by the weight of water itself without the added support of any pressure pump or the air pressure. On the other hand, in pressure assisted toilets, air pressure is created which is used to flush the waste from the toilet. Both these toilets are greatly in demand and one should select the product depending upon his personal requirements.

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