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This museum is a part of our culture and speak our history even before the British rule.

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Relish some the beautiful designs engraved on a glass for some of the best mesmerizing experience.

This porcelain vase is made with the art showcasing David with slingshot. A beauty to admire!

This is a mix of two glasses which gives it an etherial beauty like no other.


PG Diploma in Museology and Art Conservation

The Museum has introduced a Post Graduate Diploma course in Museology and Conservation since 2009 – 10 with an aim to engage students critically and creatively with wide ranging ideas and issues related to good museum practice.

Museum Management

If you have the right degree you we can help train you teach the management skills required for you to keep up.

Collection Management

If you like to collect antiques one needs to be careful that it stay as beautiful always and we can help you show the right way.

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CAR COVERS – Why are they so essential?

Car covers help in the protection of a car from damages caused by environmental factors or human interferences. These include ultraviolet radiations, acid rains, dust particles that might be carried by the wind, birds drippings or even animal claws. There are many people who do not take the cover very seriously and then regret later. This is one of the worst things that can happen.

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Types and how to use them

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Choosing the right car cover

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All you need to know about infant care

Have you been inquiring more about infant care services without success? You do not need to worry anymore because this article will give you more information about infant care services. There are very many things that one should know when choosing an infant care service provider. This article will offer you information on the benefits of infant care, subsidy application and eligibility, and more about infant care subsidy Singapore. Let us begin with all things one should know about infant care subsidy Singapore. Some of the things are


People eligible for infant care subsidies.

If you are looking for an infant care subsidy, and you are not sure if you are eligible to apply for the subsidy, there are various people who can get infant care subsidy like single mothers and fathers who are searching for a job.


If you are looking for a job and you need to apply for an infant care subsidy, the good news is that you are eligible to be given an infant care subsidy ranging from $300 and $600 for every child. Therefore if you are on a tight budget and still searching for a job, you can apply for the infant care subsidy.


Also, for the mothers with a minimum of two children and are offering care all the time, they are also eligible for an infant subsidy until when their young infant turns two years and above. Such mothers can earn up to a maximum of $540 infant care subsidy depending on their earning.


Let us now discuss some of the benefits of infant care centres to children:


Helps in improving social interaction.

Among the many benefits of infant care to the children is that it helps to improve social interaction. When children are brought to other children of their age mates, they interact more easily. Therefore comparing the children who have been brought up in daycare and the one brought up at their homes, it is clear that children brought up in the childcare have more interactive skills. Therefore daycare can equip your child with excellent interaction skills.

Helps the children to learn problem-solving techniques.


Another benefit of the daycare center is that they help to equip the children with the necessary skills to solve the problem. That is because when a child is in a daycare, the child is assigned to some duties which help the child to develop some skills for problem-solving.


Have qualified staff.

The infant care centers have well-trained staff who help in caring for the children. That means if you take your child in the right infant care center, you do not need to worry about the child because he/she will get better treatment. The qualified staff has vast knowledge to help understand different children.


The infant care subsidy helps to minimize the infant care charges

Another benefit of the infant care subsidy is that the money allocated to the child relieves the parent from paying huge amount of money for daycare. Many parents who do not have a reliable source of income can use that subsidy to help cater to their ‘child’s daycare charges.

Daycare services help the child to learn new languages.


Since the infant care service providers serve people from different places, the children who are brought, there can learn various language skills that can help the child to communicate with various people easily.


The daycare helps the children respect authority.

If you need your child to learn the importance of respecting the authority, introduce the child to daycare. Since the daycare centers have many children there, the child will be able to learn to do the things that others are doing. For instance, during storytelling, all the children are asked to remain quiet. If your child finds others obeying to the instructions, definitely the child will also adhere to what others are doing. That can be an excellent place for kids to learn respect for authorities.


Ease mother/father separation bonds.

Another benefit of daycare centers is that they help to ease separation bonds. When the child has been separated from his/her parent, the separation bond reduces, and the children develop interactive skills with the people around them. Many children join schooling when it’s late because separating them from their parent is very hard.


Things that one should expect from an infant care service provider.


There are several things that the daycare service provider should offer to the parent. Some of the things are such as:

Children reports.

The daycare service provider needs to offer well-detailed report. The report helps the mother or the father of the child to know the progress of the child. Things that are included in the reports are such as the progress of the child to adjusting to the new life (life inside the daycare) incident reports. The incident reports are another essential report that can be offered to the parent after a certain period, such as one week, one month, or any other. The incident includes the things that have happened inside the daycare center.


Some of the other essential things that one should expect an infant care service provider are such as reasonable scheduling changes, mutual respect, and many more. Therefore the above discussed are some of the essential things that one should know about the infant care subsidy, benefits of infant care centers, and much more.

Reasons to Visit a Museum


If you are searching for reasons to visit a Museum, then you might be left with plenty, as there are so many reasons to visit one. Museums display the rich heritage and culture of a particular place, and there are not just places that keep old stuff. But if you have considered not to visit a museum, then here are some reasons why you need to reconsider.

Display of Knowledge

Museums can be described as a good teacher, as they attempt to take you back in time. They define aspects and traditions that existed once and help you get in touch with reality. You tend to learn a lot from a single visit to a museum, as it displays facts and there not much false in those facts. So why google, when you can visit a museum to learn everything by seeing and experiencing.


Hangout Spot

You might not consider museums to be the place where your family needs to get together and hangout. But in reality, you are wrong, as museums are an ideal spot. Along with the members of your family, you can get to watch and learn new things and gain more insights into subjects that you never knew. Everyone gets to experience art at its finest, and this also calls for open discussions and debates about history which the world tends to forget.


Museums share stories, events and incidents that have changed the course of time. These stories are the ones which should never be forgotten, as they are iconic moments in our history. So, it is quite safe to say that museums can be described as inspirational walks which you take to reach higher levels and goals in life.

Old is Gold

Old is Gold

This statement sums up an entire passage, as it describes the primary purpose. We are all individuals who end up thinking about ourselves and never spare a moment to think about the reasons why we are here. Our history expresses in detail the long journey that we took to reach the ups and lows of the 21st century. So why should we pretend that it never existed? Well, in the end, old remains to be gold.

The Right Support

Museums are in short number, and they require a community to support them to move forward in this venture. The walks and talks about our culture and heritage have footprints all over, and those are the ones that people try to forget. But why exactly should we try to run away from facts? Museums are an accurate description and often contains information that we might not get anywhere else. So pay a visit to the museum and lend your support, so that many more museums could be opened to educate us further down the road.



Facilities for Exhibition, Seminars & Educational Activites.

If you are interested in learning more and exploring the museum for yourself, just book yourself a schedule and we can be your guide.