Current Events

January 23, 2012
Inauguration of the exhibition ‘Pothi to Chitravli’ followed by a lecture ‘South Indian Krishna Paintings’ by Anna Dallapiccola.

Premchand Roychand Gallery,
February 4 – March 20, 2012 Exhibition ‘Examples to Follow!’

Organized in collaboration with Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai

Seminar Hall, 23rd February 2012, 5.30pm Title: “Reborn: Scotland Portrait Gallery”
Lecture by Dr. Anne Buddle Organised in collaboration with Museum Society of Bombay and Cymroza Art Gallery

Seminar Hall, 24th February 2012, 5.30pm Title: “The Art Institute and the Perpetually Modern Spirit of Chicago”
Lecture by Douglas Druick President and Eloise W. Martin Director of the Art Institute of Chicago

Coomaraswamy Hall, 2nd March, 5.30pm 14th Karl J. Khandalawala Memorial lecture by Dr. Doris Srinivasan
Topic: “Alexander’s Legacy in South Asian Art”

Curators Gallery, March 28 – 31, 2012 Exhibition ‘Discover India’